Metafit HIIT Training - FAQ's

What is HIIT?
HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training – this type of training involves intervals of short-burst high-intensity activity interspersed by recovery that aims to improve aerobic fitness. Because intensity is high, the duration of a HIIT is short – any longer than 30 minutes and it’s not a HIIT workout. Metafit™ workouts are based on the HIIT principle that results in an efficient and effective form of exercise


Optimize Technique. Improve Performance. Avoid Injuries.

Technique is the cornerstone of any sport or athletic activity.  Pose Technique Clinics are unique in their focus on the technical aspect of movement.

The objective of the Pose clinics is to teach the participants the proper technique for their sport, based on the most efficient method for energy transfer, and forward movement, to eliminate injuries and maximize the natural potential.



We provide free HIIT Training and Core Exercise programs to strengthen runners efficiency and improve running techniques.

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YOGA for Runners

A specially designed program for runners to understand the importance of breathing techniques, stretching before and after running.

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