KLCC Runners Group


We are an inclusive running community with free weekly running events and training programs.

We are podium finishers and we are beginners, everyone is welcome.

Running Kaki

“Just Go Run, Leave No One Behind”. It’s all about you and a healthy lifestyle with a bunch of happy people. RK was formed on the 5th of Jan 2014. The initial intention of forming this group was to share running experiences among us. Be it related with races or just about training. 

If you’re a runner staying at Alam Damai or nearby areas (Taman Connaught, Len Sen, Taman Bukit Cheras, Bandar Tun Razak, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Permaisuri, Taman Suria Jaya, Sg Besi, Bandar Tasik Selatan etc) we invite you to join this group to know each other and make more runners friend

TPRC Weekend LSD

A running community founded by Sifu Terence Poon. His aim is to encourage and promote running for everyone who plans to have a healthy lifestyle.

Pacesetters Athletic Club

Pacesetters was formed in 1984 after the 1st Kuala Lumpur International Marathon, with its main objective of promoting running as one of the healthy forms of exercise. Initially, we concentrated on distance running, in particular the half marathon and marathon. 

Mont Kiara Running Club (MKRC)

The Mont’ Kiara Running Club (MKRC) is an inclusive group of KL ex-pats and locals who enjoy both the social and competitive side of running. The MKRC meets up regularly to run together around the Mont’ Kiara/Hartamas area.


MKRC is a running club and as such isn’t suitable for beginners and/or casual runners. As such, to help ensure the club runs are not diluted or slowed down by inexperienced runners, we are asking that all new members be able to run an average of 6:30min/km or faster on the road AND be able to run at least 8km

Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club

Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club has been an official running club since 2009. Please contact the club members for information on their weekly runs, membership, etc.

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Klang Valley Running Club (KVRC)

KVRC. Initially formed in early 2013 as a platform for members to exchange news on the local running scene. Within the past year, as the number of members grew, the team has also released its own running jersey and KVRC has traveled internationally. If you’re a fan of running or you’ve been thinking of picking up the sport, do join us.

Permaisuri Runners

We are passionate about running. anyone are welcome to join the training at Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras. not to worry to run alone as there are many runners there everyday. Come join us..

Port Runners

Port Runners is a group of runners who started training for school runs in 1989. PR runners went on to be the best running group in Malaysia with many runners and walkers representing Malaysia at all age groups and senior level.

In Klang, the runners for middle, long and walking events were all from PR in the 1990’s. At Sukses and Sukma level, they were the most feared runners and walkers.

Kura Runners

We are a group of runners that encourage people to improve their lives through running

Most of the training and events are communicated via our Facebook.

Kyserun Krew

A Kuala Lumpur-based running crew with the aim to inspire others to enjoy the sports we all love, RUNNING.

LYN Runners

This group is open for members who like running, cycling, swimming, hiking and trolling around. The only group that allows you to spam and troll all around, believe in karma u will get spam back and troll back…Happy trolling n spamming!

Wind Runners

Wind Runners - Most of the training and events are communicated via our Facebook Group.


The group is lead by a certified coach and created to improve its members’ running performance. The group welcomes those newbies and all runners to join the group. #speediators #runinvincible.

Klang Pacers Athletic Club

Klang’s premier running club.

The club also organizes annual races- Centro Klang Run, SP Setia ECO 1/2 Marathon, Run 4 It, NB Klang Pacers 1/2 Marathon. Most of the training and events are communicated via the website.

Family Running Crew, a group of running that use a family-concept group. We may not starting together as a family, but we will always cross the finishing line together, motivate & support each other to always finish strong. Our tagline, ‘together we run as a family’.

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